We see a major step change in our relationship with the natural world fast approaching, and we hope that by providing an insight into the potential to improve our lives that plants can provide, we can add contribute to this new coexistence with living things.

There are hundreds and hundreds of plants that we already know to be effective but they are only available in formats with limited effectiveness.



What we do

We are focused on solutions that improve the properties of bioactive compounds and small molecules, specifically their solubility, their absorption, their taste and their clarity. These solutions find their way into innovative formulations as well as finished product design.

EuGMP / Novel Compliance

We ensure that all we do is compliant both with manufacturing and regulatory compliance.

Signature Range

We are introducing our own range of products which will offer natural solutions to everyday problems.

WholeSale Customers

We are open to working with trade customers to help them expand their product lines with innovative solutions.

Water Soluble Technology

Our proprietary water soluble technology enables clarity, taste neutrality, fast onset and high bioavailability to the products that are formulated with it.


If you have an early bird enquiry, feel free to get in contact with us

Translation & Innovation Hub,
Imperial College White City Campus,
80 Wood Lane,
London W12 0BZ,
United Kingdom
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